Computer servicing for Leicestershire and the East Midlands 

What we can do for you

  1. PC repairs and upgrades
    We are confident you won't find a more efficient or cost effective service in the East Midlands area. Whether it's a broken laptop display, failed hard disk or virus infection no job is too big no job is too small, and remember if we cant fix it there is no charge.
  2. Backup backup backup
    We cannot emphasis enough how important a good backup system is. No mater how good your anti-virus software you still need to backup your files, and with so much free cloud space there really is no excuse. But, synchronising My Documents with the cloud may not be enough. Use a backup system that keeps weekly as well as daily incremental backups.
  3. Remote support
    This is a great tool for repairs and education, but it does have its risks. Never let an unknown person access your computer. We use a method of access that you control which is password protected, encrypted and secure.
  4. Data recovery
    Should you have the misfortune to experience a hard disk failure, or accidentally deleted important files, don't panic. Turn off you PC and call us for help. The earlier you call the better the chance of recovering those lost files, family photos or documents.
  5. Virus protection
    There is no 100% protection against viruses and hackers, but the minimum you should have is one of the free ant-virus programs. We recommend the free version of Avast anti-virus, the paid version is even better. If you are not using any virus protection there is a link at the bottom of this page where you can download it.
  6. Networking
    With advent of wifi every house now has a network system we can help you share printers, network drives and files, access phones, tablets and smart devices.